madewell and sezane

(Photos: Madewell)

Madewell is one of those companies whose clothes I consistently pine for but can very rarely justify buying if there isn’t a massive blowout sale going on or something. I live on a writers’ salary, so my shopping options are relatively limited unless it’s my birthday or I find myself going on some apocalyptic, the-world-is-ending-gotta-buy-everything-in-sight shopping spree, neither of which happen all that frequently. But good news: Madewell just launched its newest collaboration with French label Sézane, and the cool-factor of all of the pieces is more than enough to justify my basically going bankrupt for the sake of fashion, which was going to happen sooner or later anyway.

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Here’s the skinny on the collab: it’s an 18-piece collection and include everything you could possibly want, from casual dresses and gauzy tops to killer sandals and tote bags, and each item can basically work as the perfect transitional piece from summer to fall. The prices are at standard Madewell level, ranging from $58 to $238, so while the collection isn’t exactly something you can go out and impulse buy, it’s definitely worth investing in. Anyone who’s ever purchased anything from Madewell will tell you that the quality and shelf-life of each item is well worth the hefty price tag.

But that’s enough sales information for now. Without further ado, here are nine pieces from the new Madewell x Sézane collaboration that we need, like, now:

1. Feminin et Masculin Sweatshirt ($85)

feminin et masculin sweatshirt First of all, I’d say that “Feminin et Masculin” (that’s “Feminine and Masculine,” for all the non-Frenchies out there) perfectly describes my style. Second of all, I need to start learning how to wear graphic tees and sweatshirts without looking like a pre-pubescent boy, and this feels like the right place to start.

2. Silk Murphy Blouse ($138)

silk murphy blouse I bought a similar shirt to this from H&M about three years ago, and time and overuse have made it a little worse for wear (it’s cotton, so it’s started pilling around the armpits, which, unfortunately, doesn’t stop me from wearing it). This is like the more grown-up version of that shirt.

3. Pullover Sweater ($128)

pullover sweater I am constantly on the prowl for the perfect pullover sweater, especially since I want to find a good one to wear over my sundresses to work, and this is definitely a contender.

4. Striped Knit Dress ($145)

knit dress I want it. I need it. In fact, if anyone over at Madewell is reading this right now and just so happens to have an extra dress in size Medium lying around, I would be happy to take it off your hands.

Click to the next page for more Madewell x Sézane must-haves! 5. Leather Mini Skirt ($198)

leather mini skirt I don’t know how many of you have ever actually be in a Madewell store solely for the purpose of touching all of the leather products like I have, but they feel absolutely beautiful, and I’m sure this skirt is no exception.

6. Printed Scarf ($68)

printed scarf Just fueling my autumn scarf obsession, nothing to see here.

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7. Leather Tote ($238)

leather tote It took me a couple of years and more than a couple of cheap handbags to realize this, but a good day-to-day handbag is worth investing in. It won’t crap out on you after just a couple of weeks, the metal won’t turn, and the material won’t bend or rip. Plus, it looks like this bag could fit a small country, which is always a good thing.

8. Ulysses Lace-Up Sandals ($168)

sandals Normally I’m not a fan of the lace-up sandal—there’s just something about them that I always found didn’t make all that much sense. But the lace-up detail here isn’t as obvious as it is on other shoes, and these also look suuuuuper comfy.

9. Leather Slip-On Sneakers ($145)

sneakersThe perfect shoe for work or play.

Shop the whole collection at now before it all sells out!