Madonna GLAAD Awards

Sigh. I really wish Madonna would stick to posting selfies of her dressed up like Game Of Thrones characters. Putting on a Daenerys Targaryen costume is awesome. Cultural appropriation is not. I would even take a hairy armpit selfie (pities?) because that is waaaaaay less offensive. Instead of another furry armpit snap, Madonna decided to post a photo on Instagram of her wearing a burqa with a cage over the eyes.

Madonna Caged Eyes Burqa

She captioned the photo “Its that kind of day! #unapologeticbitch” so I reckon there won’t be a standard sorry-but-not-really PR statement any time soon.

I guess Madonna still hasn’t learned that cultural appropriation is not okay. And in case you’re unsure, that also includes blackface. It’s not acceptable for celebrities or normals, and it’s not okay to dress your baby up in controversial outfits because they may know better but are too young to protest. (Poor North West inadvertently causing controversy at her first birthday). Oh, and Coachella isn’t exempt from the above rules either. If you decide to wear a Bindi, burqa, or whatever items from a different culture you think are “fashionable,” it is wise to accessorize them with a well-worded apology. Or just don’t wear them.

I almost feel a bit sorry for Madonna because it seems like she just wants to keep up with the kids, and the only way she knows how to get a headline is to do something controversial. Racism may get you press Madonna, but it won’t make you any new friends.

At this point it would be easier on everyone, especially Madonna’s publicist, if she just deactivated her Instagram account like Rihanna. (Just look at how little controversy she’s caused since she quit). If Madonna wants to keep her account, she should agree to only dress up as non-offensive characters. If she starts off with The Muppets, that will keep her busy for awhile.

Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty Images