There’s no frontier left for Madonna: she’s got music, movies, fragrance, a tween clothing line, terrible Super Bowl halftime shows and, now… a shoe collection. Although we’re mighty burnt out on celebrity designing news, this is a big get for Aldo, who’ll produce the shoes under Madonna’s Truth or Dare label/lifestyle brand. So sayeth WWD:

The initial footwear offering consists of more than 60 styles, including flats, heels, booties and over-the-knee boots, set to retail for $89 to $349. Many of the dance-inspired looks will feature studs and cap-toe details. Madonna’s stylist, Arianne Phillips, will serve as the creative consultant.

But the pop superstar herself will also have constant input into the line’s development.

“Her fingers are really on this brand,” Phillips told Footwear News. “The first thing I did was remind her of all the shoes she wore over the years, and we took the styles that we can’t live without. You can always depend on her to bring her style and provocateur quality, but she also has a very feminine perspective.”

The shoes will launch for fall ’12 and, as we mentioned, many “lifestyle products” will follow: a collection of intimates is in the pipe line for later this year, while WWD says legwear and additional accessories are in discussion for 2013. If Madonna can convince people to buy $350 shoes she designed, she’s truly beaten us all.

(WWD Footwear News)