There’s not doubt about the fact that Madonna looks fantastic, particularly when you consider she’s 54. Granted, she has a small mechanical army to keep her frozen in time, but nevertheless, she’s one of the most iconic pop stars of all time and can rock just about any outfit she puts on.

Unfortunately for her, leotards are not normal outfits. I’m decidedly against the use of leotards in non-ballerina/gymnastics situations, as I think they’re just about the most uncomfortable clothing piece ever made. Why American Apparel decided to make them part of the whole “hipster look,” I’ll never understand; you can’t pee in them, for goodness’ sake. How can folks sit around filling their bladders with PBR and being apathetic to everything when they know that peeing–which undoubtedly happens every 10 minutes with Pabst–will be more difficult than telling Dov Charney to grow up? But I digress.

Anyway, Madonna’s outfit at a concert last night in Miami looked great on her–until it looked rather painful:

Of course, this isn’t Madge’s first ride on the Overexposure ExpressSome have asked if the pop star should “tone down her act” now that she’s in her 50s and has children. I don’t think there should be any age when certain behaviors need to be “toned down” (as long as they’re not harming the kids, like binge drinking and profusely in their presences, as many of us 20somethings tend to do…or just me), but I do think that costumes like this can get troublesome when you you’ll be grinding, thrusting and rolling around on a stage.

Granted, I think this outfit is more of a bustier-thong pairing as opposed to a leotard, but my message is still the same: don’t wear leotards/underwear with tights, guys. This will almost definitely happen, it will be unpleasant and it will look silly.

Photos: Hollywood Life