buyosphere holiday shopping online

We know that the pressures of holiday shopping can make the season anything but merry and bright, so we’ve thought of a few online sites that will make your life so much easier. Consider these our gift to you.

Buyosphere: It’s like a virtual Santa Claus! As soon as you sign up, you can enter the item you’re looking for – say, a cocktail dress – as well as how much you’re willing to spend and when you need it by. Buyosphere will then offer suggestions that fit your criteria. That means no more browsing through an endless array of items you can’t afford or ones that you won’t be able to get in time (because we’ve been guilty of a lot of last minute shopping). Buyosphere will even suggest keywords – like sexy – to help you narrow your search.  The variety of goods available on Buyosphere is pretty incredible – it ranges from joysticks suggested for someone looking for a geeky ornaments from their car to the perfect holiday nail polish. You can find anything you ever thought to ask Santa for. All the picks are tailored to your specifications, so we’re certain that the site can help you find everything you need to make the season merry and bright. And when it’s January 2nd? Then you can go to Buyosphere to sell all the gifts you didn’t want. It’s perfect for any time of year!

Are you looking for something a little offbeat? Cute? And most of all, inexpensive? Etsy is your place. Since it specializes in items that are vintage and handmade you can be almost certain that your gift will be as unique as the person you’re giving it to.

FredFlare: We were immediately sucked in with their promise of holiday gifts under $30. Holiday gifts like a replica of the sleep mask that Holly Golightly wore in Breakfast at Tiffany’s! Whether you’re  looking for stocking stuffers or are just a little strapped for cash this year (and who isn’t?) you’ll still be able to find something adorable and offbeat.

MrPorter: Because you want the man in your life to be as stylish as you are! Mr. Porter will help you select the perfect ties, cuff-links and other adornments that will make your man sparkle like a Christmas tree (if that is the look you are going for). (It is always the look we are going for). If you love design items – and discounts – you’ll love this site. It features daily inspirations and well as 70% off retail discounts! If you act quickly, you can get a special someone a chair for lounging in front of the fire this winter.

This post was sponsored by Buyosphere