I’ll admit to being guilty of not making the bed. I actually quite dislike making the bed. We have a comforter that is getting to that lumpy stage and I cannot get it to look the way I want, so I honestly just let it stay a mess. However, we do have all the coordinating pieces and everything to make the bed look perfect. I have on our wedding registry some new quilts to take care of the lumpiness then we’ll be back in style.

Anyway, enough about me. I want you guys to make your beds!

Do you know how to make your bed? You know, with those fancy “hospital corners” and everything?

Well, if you don’t, here’s a handy resource from HGTV to learn the simple 8 steps to making your bed neat and tidy:

1. Put the bottom sheet on the bed and tuck in on one side. Start tucking at the head of the bed and move down to the foot.

2. Make hospital corners by pulling up the edge of the sheet or blanket about 15 inches from the end of the bed. Lift it up so it makes a diagonal fold. Lay the fold onto the mattress. Take the part of the sheet or blanket that is hanging and tuck it under the mattress. Drop the fold and pull it smooth then tuck it under the mattress.

3. Add the top sheet. The hemmed end of the top sheet should be at the headboard end of the bed, and the hem should be about a foot from the headboard when the sheet’s folded back. Next add the top blanket. Mark the center of the blanket with a small X so it’s easier to center it with the sheet. Tuck in the blanket using hospital corners.

4. Position the pillows at the head of the bed before tucking in the top sheet. The top of the blanket should lay a couple of inches below the top of the sheet. Tuck in the blanket using hospital corners.

5. Place a dust cover over the pillows. This hides the sheets and keeps dust off the pillows. Tuck the ends of the cover under the mattress.

6. At home, simply fold down the sheet and blanket and leave the pillows exposed.

7. A mattress should be rotated four times a year. A good way to remember this is to rotate the mattress when the seasons change. A mattress should also be flipped twice a year.

8. See if the finished bed can pass the Army’s quarter-bounce test. A coin will bounce on a tightly-made bed.