Taiwanese-born, Canada-raised David Chiang had been courted by modeling scouts since age 13. He deferred in order to attend college and still landed on the runways of Alexander McQueen and Giorgio Armani during his 2010 debut season. Chiang, now 22, has top model written all over him… Karl Lagerfeld even met him backstage at Dior and told him he was a “very beautiful Chinese girl.” But Chiang’s ultimate goal as a model isn’t snagging a Dior Homme campaign or posing in his undwerwear for Armani, it’s… Victoria’s Secret. Chiang told the Cut:

“My dream is Victoria’s Secret. I’m working on it. I really want big wings. Not the small wings, but Tyra wings. Not Heidi’s wings because they look heavy, but Gisele’s wings would do, too.”

This would be unusual if Andrej Pejic hadn’t beat him to the punch a week ago by proclaiming he’d get a sex change to walk the VS runway.