Look out, Winona and Lindsay! There’s a sexy new thief in town, and she’s ready to steal America’s heart right away. Manhattan socialite Beata Bohman was arrested Tuesday for allegedly trying to steal an $11,000 fur-lined scarf from a store in Greenwich, CT. According to WPIX, a security guard called the police after he spotted her pocketing the thing, and the cops subsequently refused to let her go, even after she’d rationally explained to them that she’d been planning to put it back the whole time. How rude.

Not one to be dissuaded by a $5,000 bond, Bohman posted bail and was back in New York in time to attend the amFar Inspiration Gala at the Museum of Modern Art that night where, as Joe Coscarelli at the Village Voice noted, she looked fabulous. Just look at that smile on her plucky face! Hers is an expression that says, “I care not for your first degree larceny charges. I will flee your pitiful jailhouse just as fast as this champagne is fleeing down my long, lovely gullet. HA HA HA!”

In addition to stealing out-of-season fineries, the Polish-born model and designer enjoys hijinx, capers, and being photographed kissing Prince Andrew. Also, according to Facebook, she’s single. What are you waiting for, fellas?

(PS, how excellent is the photo-bomb action in the the picture above? I’ll tell you: so excellent.)