You think I’m kidding? I wouldn’t be laughing this hard if it isn’t true that YES, MANTYHOSE exists. What that heck is MANtyhose? Well Sir, it’s Pantyhose for MEN.

MANtyhose-luxelegwear-001 MANtyhose-luxelegwear-002

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MANtyhose-luxelegwear-003 MANtyhose-luxelegwear-04

These MANtyhose, Pantyhose For Men can be found at Prices ranges $11 to $60.

Now I can live with ManPurse or MANnytails (ponytails), but MANtyhose? As much as we gripe over Men’s chest hair being exposed, deliberately (ahem Chris Daughtry), we actually don’t mind seeing hairy legs. It’s a natural thing. Well, at least we thought so anyway.

If you’re a woman, can you imagine yourself sitting at the end of the bed putting your pantyhose on and on the other side of the bed, your husband/bf is doing the same thing. YEAH, not a sight I want to see either.

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