Sofia Coppola’s new commercial for Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume is a 21-second ethereal romp with a nubile model cavorting in a field under the male gaze. What else is new?

[youtube_iframe id=”dcyR7PFi-14″]

Jacobs and Coppola have been friends for years, and Coppola’s appeared in ads for Daisy before, so it makes sense that she’d be involved again on a creative level. In fact, Jacobs trusted her vision so much, he wasn’t even on set for the shoot. Coppola says:

“I loved doing the commercial for him because we have similar taste, and I think I know what he’d like. I especially wanted to a good job because it’s for my friend.”

Evidently they do share the same vision of simple, summery, and somehow sexy-while-also-slightly-troubling. It seems like kind of a tired formula for Coppola: Take a pretty blond girl, put her in a white dress, and then train the male gaze on her like whoa. It’s a bit Children Of The Corn….I mean, The Virgin Suicides. Julia Sonenshein says that the breathy, child-like voiceover at the end reminds her of possessed demon child porn, which is a point I’ll readily take. There is an undercurrent of underage skeeve here, no?

But I also admit that this commercial totally makes me want to run through a field of daisies in the summer, all giggly and barefoot and without a care in the world. And, of course, wear Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh Daisy perfume. That’s the quandary of advertising, no? You can totally see how they’re manipulating you but yet you somehow become manipulated in spite of it. So, touché, Sofia Coppola and flowery perfume. Touché.

{h/t}: NYLON magazine

Photo: Marc Jacobs International on YouTube