castmemarc tweet

Here’s something to shove in the faces of people who insist that selfies are a self-indulgent waste of time! Having grown tired of working with Kendall Jenner‘s nipples and eyebrowless Miley Cyrus, Marc Jacobs has taken to perusing Twitter for unknown models.

The designer recently tweeted out to the masses, calling for any and all aspiring models to post headshots and selfies alike with the hashtag #CastMeMarc. The contest has been going on for less than a full day, and the number of entries is already overwhelming. Instagram and Twitter are completely overflowing with hotties, babes, and babies competing for the attention of the fashion bigwig. Here are just a few of our faves.

wow she's so pretty

She’s gorgeous. I could totally see Paola fitting in with the Marc Jacobs family.


Another completely gorgeous woman. Does she remind anyone else of Nina Dobrev?

family of models

This family is super cute, and the Walter White lookalike on the right seems like he could totally put Miley to shame in a supermodel pose-off.

cutie models

Marc has gotten a lot of flack in the past for using underage models in adult-looking advertisements (remember the Dakota Fanning-humping-a-perfume-bottle disaster?), so maybe he could stand to wholesome-ify his image by hiring some kids who look like kids.

furry creature marc jacobs model

I didn’t see any rules that excluded creepy plushies from entering. I could totally see this sexy bitch with a classy leather bag slung over its furry shoulder.

Joking aside, I think casting models through Twitter is a really great idea. It’s about time we started taking selfies more seriously, especially considering some of the most famous fashion photos of the last few years have been taken with iPhone cameras. I think we should all enter the contest. All of us. I have a feeling that America’s next top model is a Gloss reader. Or writer. Or writer’s cat. What do you think?

me and mina being the supermodels we were born to be

Via Huff Post / Photos: #castmemarc on Twitter