marc jacobs

This is a heroic story featuring Marc Jacobs, if you happen to love capitalism nearly as much as I do. Or I guess it is a story about a heroic graffiti artist’s work being perverted for some fat cat’s benefit, if you do not.

Basically, a graffiti artist called Kidult scrawled 686 and a series of dollar signs in violent green paint all over Marc Jacob’s store in Paris. Marc Jacobs responded by replicating it in a t-shirt which he’s selling for $686. I had always thought that the pricing on some high end goods was a bit arbitrary, so it’s nice to at least know where that number comes from. The t-shirts were accompanied with a tag that said, “price set by Kidult.”

According to The Daily Mail:

The graffiti is the latest twist in an ongoing battle between Jacobs and self-styled ‘visual dictator’ Kidult. Back in 2011 the artist sprayed Jacobs’s Soho, New York store with the tag ART in bright pink.
The designer responded by taking a picture of it, printing it on a run of T-shirts and selling them for $686 (£450) – which is what it’s assumed Kidult is referencing with his latest trick.

Marc Jacobs also issued a statement saying that he proudly supports the arts.

Jesus Christ, Marc Jacobs is fantastic. He is just super fantastic. I kind of love him now, and want to spend $686 on his ludicrous t-shirt, now. But then, it was probably unlikely that I was really going to take Kidult’s side in this capitalism vs. anti-capitalism battle.

Picture via Getty