Wednesday night’s episode of South Park featured a cameo from none other than Marc Jacobs, who appeared in the form of one of Cartman‘s dolls. His name, we quickly learn, is “Muscle Man Marc,” an excellent moniker which I hereby declare to be his new nickname here at The Gloss.

Although he only gets to talk in Cartman’s voice, Muscle Man Marc actually figures pretty heavily into the plot, which involves Cartman trying to figure out who keeps killing off his stuffed animal friends. There’s also an amusing parody of Occupy Wall Street, wherein the “99%” (Cartman’s classmates) get angry at the “1%” (Cartman) for shouldering an unfairly small amount of the physical education burden, but I digress.

The choice to make Marc Jacobs into one of Cartman’s dolls seems less random in light of the fact that Jacobs counts both Clyde Frog and Rumpertumskin (two of Cartman’s trusted confidantes) among the somewhat random assortment of cartoon characters he has tattooed on his body. So basically, it seems like Matt Stone and Trey Parker decided to reward him for being a walking advertisement for their show by making him into a South Park character himself. And his character didn’t even do anything humiliating!

Is getting South Park-ized the new getting Simpson-ized? Maybe, maybe not. But if you want to see Muscle Man Marc in action, you can watch the full episode at the show’s website.

(Via NBC New York)