Mariah Carey is notorious for asking the paparazzi to shoot her on her “good side,” which the diva apparently thinks is her right side.  I used to think Mariah was high-maintenance for making such demands.

But after examining two recent photos of the star at the Palms Springs International Film Festival — where the “Glitter” gal made headlines for her loopy acceptance speech of the breakthrough performance award for her non-glam role as a social worker in “Precious” — I agree with Mariah’s original hypothesis that her right side is her best side.

Mariah Carey strikes a sideways pose

Mariah Carey strikes a figure-flattering pose with her hand on her right hip.

While she’s no longer awkwardly positioning herself so that only the right side of her face is photographed, in the first photo Mariah looks slimmer as she distributes her weight to that side and keeps one hand on her right hip (yeah, I had some free time on my hands).  And in the second photo she’s wearing the same stunning gown, but placing both hands on her hips makes her look top heavy and chunky.

Like Tyra always tells her “Top Model” contestants, “study your face” and “work your angles.”

Mariah with both hands on her hips makes her look heavier.

Mariah with both hands on her hips makes her look heavier.

What do you think?  Does Mariah look better when photographed on her right side than she does from other angles?  Or do you think she looks Hot no matter what?

(Image credit: Bauer-Griffin)