Mariah Carey Arm SlingFor Mariah Carey, an injury is just another reason to accessorize. The singer performed with the New York Philharmonic last night and brought out three different, custom, insanely glamorous arm slings for the occasion.

Carey had dislocated her shoulder last week while filming a video. While she was able to finish filming, she did have to go to the hospital, and she left with her arm in a sling. For last night’s concert, which was a baseball-themed benefit for victims of Hurricane Sandy, Carey decided to pair her sparkly white Mariah-esque gown with three different matching arm slings. One was white and covered in rhinestones, another was a fluffy white fur, and the last one was covered in black feathers that the New York Post said, “looked like a wing.”

We like it when celebrities look like themselves, and nothing could be more true to Mariah Carey’s sparkly, glamorous style than an arm sling encrusted with rhinestones.

And we have to admit that we do love it when people take mundane objects and temporary medical necessities like casts and arm slings and make them into crazy fashion accessories. The custom eye patches Holland of Holland made for Agyness Deyn when she came down with an eye infection during Fashion Week made us think a minor case of pinkeye wouldn’t be so bad. (Or at least it’d be slightly less bad if it came with a cool plaid eye patch.)

Nobody wants to wear an arm sling, but if you have to wear one for a while, why not cover it in sequins?

Via The New York Post/Photo: WENN