If the height of style is wearing couture as if it were jeans, as Karl Lagerfeld has intimated, then Mariah Carey is the most stylish woman alive, because she just took her wildly sexy, sparkly, custom-made turquoise couture gown on the New York subway. Not since Nina Dobrev went to In-N-Out for a fast food hamburger in Elie Saab couture have we seen a celebrity go so far to act like a normal person in a gown that costs more than most cars.

“Glimpses of our joyride on the 1 train #subwayincouture,” Mariah posted on Instagram. Hey, she’s on the 1 train. That’s my train! Mariah Carey is just like me! (If I broke my arm, you bet your ass I would wear blinged-out custom arm slings until it healed, just like Mariah.)

“Laughs pon de subway,” she captioned the second photo, and I can’t help but notice all those empty seats next to her. What do you think would have happened if someone tried to sit next to Mariah Carey on the subway?

She set out upon her subway adventure after the Fresh Air charity gala in New York last night, from which she was supposed to leave in a chauffeured car as usual. Instead she decided to be wacky and ride the subway like a normal person. And it was pretty funny just because it is so out of character for her. We’re talking about the woman who titled her latest album Me. I Am Mariah. The Elusive Chanteuse. If she’d been carried out of the gala in a palanquin made of pearls and unicorn bones, I would not be surprised. But Mariah getting on the subway in her stiletto heels and sparkly couture dress? Hat tip to Mariah, she actually managed to surprise me.

(Photos: Instagram/Mariah Carey)