History buffs, serious question: who is the market for shoes owned by Marie-Antoinette? Don’t say “rich people.” Not all rich people are ridiculous.

Regardless of who is buying Marie-Antoinette’s shoes, these people do exist: a pair of white silk mules believed to have belonged to the much-maligned queen went for 43,000 euros ($57,357) at an auction of French Revolution era artefacts this weekend.

Key phrase: “believed to have belonged.” According to the AFP the only evidence presented is that the shoes’ “tricolour pleated ribbons date back to 1790 and are size 36.5,” which was Marie-Antoinette’s shoe size. The auction’s organizers also claim that the Queen likely wore them at national day celebrations on July 14, 1790 (which they probably know from all the tweets and Intagrams). Hopefully someone didn’t just drop $60k on shoes that are “from around then” and her size.

So what does one do with such a thing?