Beyonce for Marie Claire Australia

Beyonce has a cover!

Yeah, no big deal. Beyonce’s one of the biggest stars in the world, she lands the cover of a major magazine seemingly every month. Which is to say, when Beyonce makes the cover of a foreign edition of a fashion magazine, it isn’t exactly news.

So why, you may be wondering, is it worth noting that Bey has the November cover of Australian Marie Claire?

Well, because she already had the cover. Only, it wasn’t for Australian Marie Claire:

Beyonce for British VogueIt was for British Vogue.

Yup, Marie Claire recycled Beyonce’s May 2013 Vogue UK cover–in which she wears a dazzling sequined skirt and striped crop top (both by Jonathan Saunders) as shot by Arthur Elgort.

We realize that there are probably economic reasons for this kind of thing and we commend Marie Claire for not making some terrible Frankenstein’s monster out of Beyonce by affixing her head in one shoot to her body from another.

So why change her skintone and hair color?

Beyonce on the covers of Marie Claire Australia and Vogue UK

We guess Marie Claire wanted to make their orange headlines pop, so they gave Beyonce some honey blonde streaks and a more golden overall hue–but isn’t it kind of weird that we’ve come to a point when people on magazine covers are just one part of the larger art direction? She’s a person, not a paint swatch!

We never tire of this one:

Gob Come On! gif