Over the course of layering many items of black clothing over one another, there comes a time in a young woman’s life when she may want a splash of color somewhere in there. A splash of fun. A splash of “just because I am currently scowling doesn’t mean I don’t like to get baked and watch nature documentaries with my friends.” And what better way to make that happen than with that most goofy of plants, marijuana?

I just bought these “hemp legz” leggings from Brooklyn clubwear company Strange Vixens, and I am moderately to extremely into them. I don’t even smoke that much weed, but I very much enjoy the times that I do, and I think it’s time I showed my appreciation. I also just like the colors and the shininess, and the fact that it’s possible to wear these leggings as plants if you are brave/foolish. As it turns out, nothing camouflages your camel toe like a disruptive, leafy pattern!

But if you either don’t smoke weed or are not ready to advertise your weed smoking to the world, they have lots of other cool patterns like lightning bolts, comic books, flowers, and that brocade wallpaper that covers every wall of every bar in north Brooklyn:



The only thing I will say about these is that the waistband is not as stretchy as it is on most leggings, so definitely measure your waist and get the right size. (The hip measurements are less important.)

So go on, slap a pair of these on and get complimented all over town, but especially the stoney parts. (WARNING: Excessive marijuana use may lead to snacking, napping, and staying on the couch forever.)


Photos: StrangeVixens