When I saw the first glimpse of Saint Laurent‘s new campaign featuring one Marilyn Manson last week, I got very, very excited. This was because I love ’90s alt-rock in the deepest and most reptilian part of my brain; it’s all that will be left in my head when I’m old and senile. Now, the entire campaign has been released, and it doesn’t disappoint, as Manson is joined by fellow ’90s icons Courtney Love, Kim Gordon and Kurt Cobain Ariel Pink?

Okay, so having a Kurt lookalike who only got indie-famous in 2010 stand in for Kurt Cobain is a little bit creepy. But I still love everything about these photos, which were taken by YSL’s creative director and resident ’90s-ologist Hedi Slimane. They’re gorgeous, they’re reverent, and they’re more about the people than the clothes (how could they not be?), which is actually a great marketing device, as the outfits look like clothes these people already own. They’re also what exactly Courtney Love was not-so-secretly hoping for when she sincerely and effusively complimented Hedi Slimane on slapping couture pricetags on the kinds of looks she used to construct from thrift store finds. I’d get all ’90s and call her a “sell out,” but she never pretended not to want this.

In conclusion: Courtney Love and Marilyn Manson, you’re all fakes run to your mansions, come around we’ll kick your ass in.

(Via HuffPost)

Photos: Hedi Slimane