marilyn-monroe-selfieThe olds of the world have a nasty habit of harping on the “destructive” habits of the young, and right now few things annoy the cranky uncles of the world like young people and their selfies.

“So narcissistic!” the olds say. “Young people today are so lame.”

But people have been taking selfies since cameras existed, and they’re wonderful. There’s something about a self-taken photo that feels so intimate and closer than other photos, like this spectacular, 70-year-old selfie from Marilyn Monroe back when she was still Norma Jean Baker.

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According to The Huffington Post, the photo was taken around 1940, which would have made young Norma Jean just 14 years old. She was wearing a thick, houndstooth jacket, a plaid shirt, and a big straw hat. Her hair, still dark, was in curls, and she appears to have been wearing a bright red lipstick. She looked adorable, and she already had that bright, inviting smile that would make her the biggest star in the world.

Marilyn’s selfie is a rare find because there are no negatives for it, so the original is all that exists. It was reportedly given to one of Monroe’s relatives as a gift, and it will be auctioned off next week at Swann Galleries, where it’s expected to sell for $8,000-$12,000.

Now if anybody needs me, I’m going to be shopping for a big straw hat and a plaid button-down so I can look just as stylish as young Marilyn.

Photo: Swann Galleries