Marion Cotillard Maison Martin Margiela Beaded Couture Dress Two Days One Night CannesWe’ve seen a few fashion risks at Cannes so far, such as Julianne Moore going braless, Blake Lively channeling a sparkling unicorn and Lindsay Lohan looking like a female C-3PO. Other than that, most of the looks have been the usual glamorous gowns and megawatt jewels (not that I’m complaining, if I could wear a couture dress and gazillion dollar emerald earrings like Jennifer Lawrence, I’d wear them to the grocery store). Then Marion Cotillard showed up at the Two Days, One Night photo call in a crazy beaded Maison Martin Margiela dress. I was initially shocked that it wasn’t Dior, but then my jaw dropped even more when I saw what the original runway version looked like. Marion has turned an insane designer art piece into a wearable dress – and I really want it.

If you don’t believe me, here’s the original Maison Martin Margiela couture dress on the Spring 2014 runway:

Who would have thought that something so simple as removing the hood (and face mask) would make this a totally awesome dress? No, it’s not your traditional sequined and chiffon gown, and I don’t want it to be. It’s still insane, but now it’s the right side of crazy, along with those Chanel corseted waists everyone is loving. With a simple silhouette, you focus on all the embellishment which looks like one part found art, two parts Maison Martin Margiela spilled his art box on it. It looks like a mess, but it is the hottest mess I’ve ever seen. There are beads, stones, enamel flowers and something that I can’t tell if they’re zipper pulls or guitar picks. Take a look for yourself and see what you can identify:

Marion Cotillard Maison Martin Margiela Beaded Couture Dress Two Days One Night Cannes Close Up

I like that Marion kept her hair and makeup really simple and let the dress be the one statement. A red lip could have turned this isn’t a costume and I don’t think even she could pull off the black face mask that the model wore on the runway.

She also wisely ditched the gold boots and chose a simple black peep-toe bootie. Though they wouldn’t have been my first shoe choice–I think a simple heel would have been more streamlined–I think the chunky shoe adds a futuristic vibe to the look. If this is what clothes will look like in 2024, I am going to start beading my dress now.

Photos: Wenn