The second collection from Marshalls Spring 2010 is called Pretty and Polished. The 1st one which is called Utilitarian Chic is more casual a sensible. Pretty and Polished will take you to a different level of chic, femininity and classic looks.

A pencil skirt, structured jacket, shimmering top, bold accessories, patterned leggings, beautiful geometric print on a dress, ruffled detail, subtlety in color and a basic white dress. Basic pieces that are accented with bold details and prints to feature the polished flair.

The looks are bold but not overwhelming. The natural color scheme helps a lot. Pick a daytime or night time looks then play around. Mix and Match is a fun thing to do in fashion, especially when incorporating new trends in your wardrobe.

It’s definitely not hard to achieve Marshalls Spring 2010 Looks. The affordable prices aren’t too shabby either. Find all of these pieces at nearby Marshalls store.

(Images: Marshalls)