Being pregnant doesn’t meat you’re automatically going to wear a mumu and sneakers when the temperature drops. Heck no. Maternity fashion has evolved so much that there is no excuse in looking like well, crap, just because you have a bun in the oven. Of course there will be days when you wouldn’t give a hoot of what you’re wearing. That’s cool. Trust me, I’ve had 2, so I know :). But on the days when you want to dress up for something, don’t be afraid to pun on a nice maternity dress, a good pair of boots and show everyone (especially the woman with a 6 pack in 4 inches stilettos boots) that YES, you’re belly is huge, but you’re still way HOTTER and more beautiful than she is :). NO offense to all the skinny people out there of course, heh.

Here’s a lovely Under $100 Maternity Fall Look for example…

Maternity Crochet Detail Knit Dress, $14.99

Faux suede flat knee-high boots, $25.99

Maternity rhinestone trim cardigan, $19.99

Silver Heart Necklace, $3.80

Rhinestones hoop earrings, $5.80

(Images : Forever21, UrbanOG, Motherhood)