Shapewear brand Spanx is rolling out a line of bump-smoothing underthings for pregnant women.

Jezebel picked up the story and seemed a little peeved, stating, “Because you’re never allowed to have a gut that big, even if there is a fetus in it.”

Part of me is like, yeah, fuck that, if I’m suffering through all the little nightmares of pregnancy, the last thing I’m going to worry about is people being able to see that I am pregnant.

However, 1) it looks like the belly isn’t what’s being subjected to the power of the Spanx and 2) having spoken to some pregnant friends about this, they all said that one of the worst aspects of pregnancy is “feeling like you’re as big as a fucking whale” all the time and they’d actually welcome the opportunity to not “feel [their] new fat jiggling all over.”

What do you think? Is Spanx’s maternity line just another chance to glean capital body-shame or is it a chance for expectant mothers to feel a little less self-conscious about their appearance for a day? Or…?