pool002 3 years ago, around this time around, I was pregnant with my second child. There’s nothing worse than 100° heat while carrying a baby inside of you. It was hot as hell. Summer means swimming season too which worked out perfectly for me as it turned out coz I swam a lot for my pregnancy exercise. I didn’t do much walking like I did with my 1st child. Swimming, minimally of course (no diving) is a great way to exercise while pregnant, plus it’ll cool you off. Of course, you also need a good maternity swimwear. Swimwear alone is expensive, maternity clothes are even more expensive. Combine the two and it kinda put a damper on the whole Summer. That’s exactly how I felt at that time. Thankfully, my sister-in-law who’s been pregnant 4 times wouldn’t have it. She dragged me to the Outlets and long story short, that’s my belly (and boobs, hehe) in a Motherhood gingham Maternity tankini :). 

If you’re not willing to spend the Motherhood price,  I found a few affordable maternity swimwear to pick from at WalMart.

Check them out after the fold…

catalina-maternity-2piece-halter-tankini catalina-maternity-2piece-halter-tankini2

Catalina 2-piece Halter Tankini, $19

catalina-maternity-2piece-halter-print-tankini catalina-maternity-2piece-halter-print-tankini2

Catalina 2-piece Halter Print Tankini, $19

catalina-maternity-2piece-halter-o-ring-tankini catalina-maternity-2piece-halter-o-ring-tankini2

Catalina 2-piece Halter O-Ring Tankini, $19

Don’t let the price discourage you from getting that swim this Summer. It’ll be all worth it trust me. I’d recommend a swim instead of walking on a 98° to 100° weather anytime. I don’t know if it’s any consolation to anyone but both of my pregnancy labors were too easy. On my first 1, I walked a lot in the afternoon. It was Winter in Virginia, which didn’t really give us snow. My labor was only 4 hours. My second one, albeit I had to be induced, once it started, it went like a breeze. My Doctor praised me for being a pro even though I’ve only pushed babies twice in my life, LOL. I don’t know if it’s because I really am a pro at labor or because I exercised during both of my pregnancies. Don’t take my word on that though. Consult your Doctor first :).

By the following year, I was wearing a different tankini. Check it out from Burning The Scale :).

(Images : Dexie J Wharton, Wal-Mart)