Something is seriously wrong with this picture of Matthew McConaughey strolling around LA after his Fool’s Gold movie with Kate Hudson took the #1 box office spot this past weekend.

It’s not the camo hat, nope, not at all. Glasses seem fine to me. Cargo shorts looks like it fits him perfectly, so that’s not it. The Man-Bag? Heck No. I like it actually and I want one for myself, heh. Have you given up?




Matthew McConaughey is wearing a shirt. How dare he.. LOL. That’s what’s wrong. Unless you’ve been living under a rock then you’d know that one time PEOPLE magazine Sexiest Man Alive, Matthew McConaugheyheyhey loves to walk around shirtless. It’s rare to see him with his shirt. Except in his movies. Most of the time he’s out and about showing his 6-pack. And Proudly so :) .


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