You’ve probably already heard that Dov Charney was arrested in 1987. A rough translation of the crime runs:

“Contravened Article 3 of Regulation 333, namely: having unfurled, exhibited or offered for sale of public goods, namely: sweaters [or t-shirts? Jerseys? WAS DOV CHARNEY SELLING MONTREAL EXPOS JERSEYS, IN 1987?] at 2113 St. Catherine West [Street].”

Basically, he sold shirts on the street. But now we’ve got more information! According to American Apparel employee Ryan Holiday:

-It was actually t-shirts he was selling
-They were bootleg t-shirts outside of a Madonna concert
-Dov was the supplier of the t-shirts (I think some articles or wikipedia has written about his import business as a kid)
-The police took him to Station 10 in Montreal
-When he called his Dad, his Dad said “I guess it serves you right. If you’re not out by morning I’ll look into it.” (His father was eventually the first investor in American Apparel when the company was based in South Carolina)

So in conclusion, no, he wasn’t selling Montreal Expos Jerseys. Although we’re pretty sure whatever he was selling, he was only selling to skinny people.