Mayhem J.Crew

What were you doing at four-year-old? (If you can even remember.) Probably watching cartoons and wondering when your mom was going to bring you some juice and cookies? Highly likely. How about designing a collection for J.Crew? Probably not. Four-year-old fashion designer/blog sensation Mayhem is actually collaborating on a collection with J.Crew.

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Mayhem is designing a capsule collection for J.Crew’s crewcuts line for summer 2015. They profiled Mayhem on the J.Crew website and you got to see a sneak peek of the collection. There is lots of bedazzling and gluing going on. Gold gift-wrapping tape was used to create a (birthday) party perfect striped top. Then there are some tiara-esque headbands that I’m hoping will fit adult-sized heads. Mayhem also got to show the J.Crew team how she creates one of her paper dresses with the help of her mom, Angie.

Despite not being able to play with the big kid 8-years-old and up toys, Mayhem has accomplished an incredible amount. Her Instagram account has 436,000 followers, she had a presentation at New York Fashion Week and Vogue used her and her amazing paper dresses to promote the 2014 Met Gala. If Jenna Lyons, J.Crew’s Creative Director, ever decides to become some special royal fashion consultant for Kate Middleton, I’m sure Mayhem would have no trouble taking over.

Check out J.Crew and Mayhem’s website to see more.

(Photo: Bryan Derballa/J.Crew)