A new contributor has joined TheGloss. Wave hello with your mascara wands to Beauty and Style Expert Paul Venoit. Known for his “youthful exuberance, easy attitude and dramatic flair” – as well as an edgy wit that we love – Paul will be helping us decide what to wear to any and every offbeat occasion.

No matter what your fashion or beauty quandary, Paul has the experience to come up with the unexpected choices that play to your personality. He has worked his magic on Look A Like, a show where he transforms everyday people into celebrity doppelgangers, done makeovers on The Rachael Ray Show and has been a judge on Canada’s Next Top Model. Anyone who can prep Claudia Schiffer for a film festival and Kate Moss for an ad campaign, help Debra Messing with her hair and offer critiques at awards shows such as the Oscars and Grammys will be welcomed with our weird, malformed arms here at TheGloss (our moms thinks they’re pretty!). For even more background – and to reassure yourself that we have selected someone who will not steer you into last year’s look – you can check out some of his columns – and learn how to do a smoldering hot smokey eye – here.

But – more about how Paul can help you. Do you have an event coming up where you have no idea what to wear? A summer road trip? A reunion with your ex? A trip to Sea World? Shoot us a message at Jennifer [at] thegloss.com, and we’ll enlist his expertise on your behalf.

Later today, you’ll definitely want to follow his timely advice as he teaches us how to show up to a gay wedding without looking like Carrie Bradshaw. And you’ll especially want to read if you live in New York! (And not to mention follow him on Twitter: @venoit)

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