b5-married-bloggers When I posted a birthday greeting for my husband yesterday, Alicia from Mental Health Notes was surprised to know that b5media has a married blogger duo. Well, Alicia, you’ll be even more surprised to know that my husband and I aren’t the only ones :). So She Knows Best is going to rest the Men’s Fashion, stylish Male Celebs and lifestyle tips for a little bit today and introduce you to the b5media Married Blogger Duos that I’m familiar with.

Cory and Kerri is the married team behind Marriage Actually.

Jeanne and Jyle. Jeanne blogs for : Idol Stalker, Daytime Talk, Beyonce-K, Celeb Tots, and Hockey Beat while Jyle blogs for Hip Hop Roll, Evening Talk, and The Footie.

Chris and Kelly. Chris blogs for Brew Ha Ha and Doing Biz Abroad. Kelly is the Channel Editor of the Business channel while also blogging for One Book Two Book, Gossip Girl Report and is the token Tax Girl :)

Scott and Dexie. Scotty-Boo blog for Metal Martyr and Health and Men while I blog for She Knows Best, Style It Less, Style Tots, Burning The Scale, and Soaps On ABC.

Meanwhile, b5media also have the couple duo of Rico and Sasha. Rico blogs for Contract Worker while Sasha blogs for Tops 2 Bottoms, Beauty Bento Box, Dating Dames and Light The Torch.

Oh btw, we also have the mother and daughter duo of Noreen and Chloe. Noreen blogs for Hankering For Yarn while Chloe blogs for Her Accessories.

So what do married bloggers talk about when they’re not arguing over the remote control or the laptop? I can only speak for me and my husband but we talk about :


“server is down”

“have you checked Paypal?”

“is that title clever or what?”

“ooohh i dunno, ask your CE”

“could you stumble my post, please”

“Babe, did you reach your monthly quota?”

“you’ve written 32 posts in 2 weeks?”

“the code is all messed up”

“use code editor”

“my WordPress is all messed up”

“Windows Live Writer rules”

“oh, you could write about that in your blog”

“you’re not going to write about that, are you?”

“Shopping is over, I need to blog”

“we can’t go to Church, I haven’t blogged”. (*oooops, did I say that out loud?)

“you want me to kick his ass for you?”

“here’s you dinner Babe, let’s pray, then go blog”

Among other things. Feel free to share yours :)