Meggings: Leggings for men. Should guys try them out?

Ever wonder why men don’t wear more leggings? It’s because they have never tried ‘meggings’! That is, leggings for men, which fit the same way women’s leggings do except they also frame your junk.

A Chicago-based company called Meggings Man Clothing is trying to make male leggings happen. Designers Adam Freck and Andrew Volk launched the brand in December and already have over 7500 likes on Facebook. The collection currently has 14 styles in a variety of colors and finishes with prices beginning at $29.95. The designers told Racked about why they created the label:

“There’s no reason why men’s fashion can’t be flattering and super comfortable. Fitted pants have been a staple of men’s fashion for a very long time. Meggings are much more comfortable than super tight jeans, and more stylish and appropriate to wear out in public than fitted athletic pants.”

Now, we have already been over our belief that leggings are, indeed, pants regardless of what you look like or are shaped like. But I will admit: I was at first conflicted on the idea of “meggings.” I got all cliche 1950s on myself thinking, Men wearing tight pants? Preposterous! Granted, I do not particularly love patterned, loud leggings unless they have a really beautiful print on them (yes, I am cliche and love the ones with nebulas or cats all up on the legs), so I think that is why some of these particular products do not appeal much to me, but have I also internalized some weird conventions regarding what men versus women “should” wear?

Meggings: Leggings for men. Should guys try them out?

Short answer: yes. Longer answer: yes, but I think that it has a lot to do with the fact that I’m slightly weirded out by seeing the outline of penises all over the place a la Chris Brown‘s 2011 Halloween costume. Luckily, the designers thought about that first:

“It’s all about the cut of the waist and inseam. Our meggings have a triangle­-shaped inset around the hip to allow more room in the thigh, and more importantly, more room for the “boys.” Our material is also pretty forgiving. All you need to wear underneath is pair of fitted boxer ­briefs. Compression shorts also work great underneath to conceal the details you’d like to keep private.”

So, should men wear leggings? Yeah, I don’t really see why not, provided the, uh, “boys” are tucked and all that. After all, I don’t think twice about women wearing short shorts unless they’re showing the, uh, outline of…well, you get it. That said, I do hope this means I’ll see more menswear inspired by superheroes, as my first crush ever was Captain Planet and I feel like sort of hope more guys will be flowing toward that.

Of course, I want to hear what you folks have to say:

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