urlBy now you’ve heard everyone in the world’s opinions on this November’s Elle cover, which features a stunning Melissa McCarthy in an elegant coat. We’ve put in our own two cents and wondered if the decision to hide McCarthy’s plus size body was less about art and more about, you know, the fact that she’s plus size. But now McCarthy herself is speaking up, and the comedy queen swears she chose the outfit.

McCarthy tells E! News,

“What I found so bizarre is that I picked the coat. … I had a great black dress on but I thought, it comes out in November. I was so sick of summer. I live in Southern California. I was like, ‘Give me a big coat to wear. Give the girl some cashmere!’”

According to the Bridesmaids star, she had to put up a fight to get photographed in the coat to begin with. “They were like, ‘The dress is really great,’ but I was like, ‘Yeah, but look at this.’ … I’m petitioning for that coat,” she stated in her E! interview. Well, I guess that settles it.

Andy Samberg, of all people, also had a few things to say on the topic. While presenting at Elle’s Women in Hollywood party on October 21, the former SNL cast member spoke up: “How dare you make a beautiful woman wear a trench coat? An item of clothing never associated with sex and desire, and splattered across your cover like the scat of a monkey armada.”

About the over covers in the Women in Hollywood series, Samberg stated that McCarthy’s is “the hottest one.” According to US Weekly, he went on to make some borderline awkward jokes about “sneaking the cover into the bathroom a number of times,” but both Melissa McCarthy and Samberg’s wife, Joanna Newsom, reportedly laughed. So I guess that’s all cool.

In summation: don’t try to stop bigger women from being sex symbols, and also don’t tell them how to be sexy.

[image via Elle]