russell brand

Men are wearing meggings, which is a fancy was of saying that men are wearing tights outside the realm of Sherwood forest. Not only are they wearing tights, their tights are taking the world by storm. I don’t know how they’re doing that, but I don’t like it. I like it when men wear pants or, if that is absolutely not a possibility, jodhpurs.

However, according to The Telegraph:

Men’s tights, for so long the preserve of ballet dancers and runway models, are taking Manhattan by storm and could soon be seen on the street of Britain.

When trendsetters speculated what would be the defining men’s fashion movement to sweep New York this winter, few opted for the male legging.

But “Megging”, as the male legging is known, is now all the rage in sartorial circles. Celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Russell Brand and Lenny Kravitz have all been spotted wearing leggings, while fashion stores Uniqlo, Barneys and Nordstrom are selling tights for men.

I mean, I guess I prefer this to the really baggy pants men wore 15 years ago, but I’m still pretty hesitant. However, I’ve got some men that I am totally okay with wearing tights. They are, in order of most okay to least okay:

1) Russell Brand

2) Elves from Santa’s workshop

3) David Sedaris dressed up as an elf at Macy’s and writing about it

4) Elves who dance ballet

5) Ballet dancers (non-elves)

6) Henry VIIs

7) Tudors who are not Henry VIII

8) Elvis, maybe?

Picture via Owen Beiny/WENN