Love it? Hate it?

I’m a wee bit biased on this one because my love affair with Thom Browne started around 2006 when he brought back the well-tailored, slim-fit suit that we see these days on Don Draper. It was about a year before we’d see those suits on Mad Men, and frankly it was about time. When and why men’s suits got bulky and relaxed is a very dark time in fashion’s history, and I’d like to pretend it will eventually cease. Forever.

But to either the delightful or dismay of those who appreciate a perfectly tailored men’s suit, Browne’s signature look is not only these gorgeous suits worn without socks, but they are (at least for those who like to take fashion risks) a wee bit short to reveal that bare ankle. He also usually pairs that “uptown meets downtown” look with a classic Oxford shoe that could go in either direction depending on how it’s being worn. It’s magical.

Thom Browne in his own design being awesome.

Although this look started a few years ago, once the summer months roll around, a decent amount of the über stylish fellas in this city bring this look back. It’s somewhere between 90 and 100 degrees, and there they are walking down the streets in their suits, sans socks, beat up Oxfords to match and usually a canvas tote that makes a political statement or just simply says “STRAND” on it, as in the book store, on their shoulder. Again, it’s magical.

Since having spotted several of these fellas in the last few days alone, and practically falling over myself because I was so bewitched by both their beauty and devotion to style, I was voicing my love for this look to a friend over lunch. As with a lot of the malarkey I tend to say, she glared at me over her own über trendy hot pink Ray-Ban sunglasses and questioned my taste in men. This is not a new topic, obviously, but come on! How can one not love the no socks look on a fella in a suit? He clearly has such an awareness of fashion trends! It’s magical! Magical, dammit!

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Thom Browne via Zeitgeistworld