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Stealing your boyfriend’s clothes can only get you so far. The next best thing is to bite the bullet and shop the men’s section, free of judgment. Men’s clothing is not necessarily cheaper, but it offers options the women’s sections may not. Button downs that don’t gap at the boobs because they’re made for wider shoulders, oversized sweaters that aren’t at all bulky, the perfectly loose-fitting t-shirt. All these wonders can be found by a simple peruse of the men’s department. Plus, who doesn’t want to stare at all the great looking male models(You’re welcome for that GIF, btw)

And, because a lot of times it’s hard to justify something that may not have been made for your body shape, go directly to the sale section. Do not be put off by having to sift through 17 different pairs of drop crotch joggers. You can do this.

Here are 7 pieces of men’s clothing that are perfect for you wardrobe and your wallet.

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CPO Indigo Button-Down Shirt (Urban Outfitters, $35)


You know you’ve looked longingly over at the men’s section of Urban Outfitters and wanted to pick up a few things. This chambray is one of those and it’s time you bought it for yourself instead of “borrowing” your boyfriend’s.

Wallace & Barnes Sherpa-Collar Contrast Wool Bomber Jacket (J.Crew, $460)


Bomber jackets that actually feel like bomber jackets are hard to find in the women’s department, so don’t be shy to find a Men’s X-Small, Small, or Medium that will fit you the way you’ve always dreamed.

Cotton Cashmere Shawl Cardigan (Gap, $42)


A lot of times, women’s shawl collar cardigans are cut with long lapels, making it hard to find a shirt that fits underneath. The shorter shawl on this cardi is perfect for pairing a button-down underneath.

COS Printed Stretch-Cotton Jersey T-Shirt (Mr. Porter, $19.60)


I’m a sucker for a good printed t-shirt, and I usually gravitate to a men’s small, main because I have broader shoulders and the bagginess is perfect for tucking. Men’s t-shirts will be your new best friend.

Stutterheim Raincoat (The Corner, $208)


Okay, yes $200 for a raincoat sounds OD, but this is 1) unisex, so it’s not going to fit weird, and 2) probably the best raincoat ever. It’s made in Sweden and it’s the last raincoat you’ll ever need to buy.

Fine-Knit Sweater (H&M, $15)


The perfect novelty sweater is one that everyone can enjoy. The off-white is a great addition to the bold script. Honestly, I might buy this for myself.

Denim Jacket (Zara, $40)


A lot of times, a denim jacket is a denim jacket is a denim jacket. But when it comes to one that you want to wear throughout the seasons (and use a layering piece) if you opt for a roomier men’s fit, you can easily get a sweater under there and still bend your arms.