To save time, I’ve decided to just give you ALL the Men’s Fashion Dont’s, list-style, that the DETAILS Men’s Style Manual pointed out in the book. I’ve compiled them all here in one huge list, separated in different categories. Print it, nail it to the wall as a guide or a reminder of what not to wear or what shouldn’t be done in the world of Men’s Fashion and Styling, according to DETAILS. :)

Don’t unbutton your shirt too far.
Don’t wear denim shirts.
Don’t overpower yourself
Don’t just pick out the shirts you like — have a solid rotation in mind

Don’t wear too tight pants.
Don’t do plaid.
Don’t wear suspenders.

Don’t do too busy.
Don’t hold on(*buy a new one once it’s frayed and faded).
Don’t flip your collar indoors.
Don’t wear leather blazers.

Don’t wear a giant knot.
Don’t get too loose or too messy.

Don’t wear suits with too many buttons.
Don’t settle for bad fit.
Don’t go shiny.
Don’t buy cheap suits.

Don’t overdo it(*stick to basic formula).
Don’t wear colored tuxedos.
Don’t go too small.
Don’t try to bring back lost styles.

Don’t wear torn jeans.
Don’t swing low.
Don’t wear boot-cut jeans.

Don’t wear t-shirts with logos or slogans (*I DISAGREE, heh. I understand some slogans should be left alone, however, some are witty and there’s nothing wrong with being casual at all.)
Don’t tuck a t-shirt into jeans.
Don’t roll.

SWEATERS (*please please pelase)
Don’t wear the Cosby sweater.
Don’t wear the Christmas sweater.
Don’t wear the ski sweater.

Don’t wear leather bomber jackets.
Don’t wear an outer layer that is shorter than your inner layer.

Don’t expose your underwear.
Don’t get too cute with your underwear(*boxers with iron-on tweetie bird for example).
Don’t wear tank tops as shirts.

Don’t wear flip-flops with suits.
Don’t wear square-toe shoes.

If you’ve noticed from this comprehensive list, I added some notes and made a comment on Casual shirts with slogans. She Knows Best doesn’t mind those. Neither should you. As long as you’re not wearing something that says “I *heart* My Weiner or anything to proclaim how much you love yourself or how much you think you’re HOT for that matter, you should be fine. :)

Agree or Disagree? Feel free to let me know.

*Thanks DETAILS.