mens-fashion-guide-2009 The consensus for Men’s Fashion in 2009 is to be bold, masculine and adventurous. There are a lot of different ways in achieving these 2009 trends which I would go through with you in this post and throughout the year with articles in the coming days by featuring the celebrities, shopping finds, designers’ collections and so much more. I hope you will find ways to implement them in your wardrobe without losing your own fashion identity. If we really think about it, the best fashion trend that will always be right every year is to not go overboard with the trends that’s plastered in our faces everyday. I’m sure at this point of your life, you have established your style that speaks volume to who you are. You know what looks good on you and what fits your body frame. The trick lies on how you would incorporate the trends without looking like you are trying too hard to look like a model in a runway show or the magazines. Be trendy this 2009, or any year for that matter, but ALWAYS be true to yourself at the same time.

Now, let’s talk about what fashion has to offer to help you guys look  good this 2009.

Suits — Monochromatic suits are supposed to be taking the backseat this year. Be bold by adding a different hue with your suit. Start with a colored button shirt or a bold silk necktie.

You should also pay attention to the masculine details like the broad shoulders to complement the classic tailoring and modern silhouettes.

27344PCN_gossip01Double-Breasted Suits and Jackets — As illustrated early on by celebrities like Tom Cruise and Ed Westwick, double-breasted suits and jackets are big in 2009 Men’s Fashion Trends. You don’t need to hide your masculine frame anymore. Double-Breasted suits and jackets are here to tailor your shape and style.

3-piece Suits — Mismatching of the 3 pieces is taking a backseat as well. Stick with the same fabrics and prints. In short, pinstripes with pinstripes, plaid for plaid, houndstooth with houndstooth, etc.




Colors — You will have fun adding colors in your wardrobe. As well you should because there is life beyond the black and grey hues. Venture out into the world of pink (in moderation of course), blue, red, green, and others.

Designers like Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry for examples are coming out with blues and greens in their collections, respectively. Think of linen pants, colored oxfords, sneakers, shirts, and accessories

Burberry Fit Polo, $125. Gucci Exotic Lace-up, $1295.

american-apparel-deep-vneck-shirt The Deep V-Neck Trend — Much to my chagrined, fashion designers are really pushing the deep v-neck trend. They tested the waters last year. I can’t blame them though. Maybe it’s a way to stick it to Women’s Fashion who keeps adapting the Men’s trend into their palette. I mean if I was a Man, I’d be pissed off too if my wife looks so much better in a Man Suit ;) . No wonder there’s the Manty-Hose desperately trying to make it into the cut. If women can successfully pull off a deep V-neck trend, why can’t Men do it also? The clincher there is, Women can get away with showing come cleavage because they’re anatomically hairless in the chest. Well, most Women anyway. If the day, location, and occasion warrants it, Women just usually wear a tank top underneath a deep v-neck top or dress.

BurberryProrsum-v-neck-cardigan There are 2 things I would suggest if you really want to get into the deep V-neck trend.

  • Shave you chest, Please! Who cares about the itching afterwards. As long as you can wear a deep v-neck shirt 2 times a week, all the itchiness (perhaps redness) will all be worth it. OR, for a longer clean shaven chest, get your chest waxed and have a 40 Year Old Virgin painful (yet oh-so-Hilarious)moments with your friends.
  • OR, don’t jump into the deep V-neck trend at all. It’s as simple as that. Sorry, but neither Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass, Gossip Girl) nor Burberry Prorsum Degrade V-Neck Cardigan is going to change my mind.

American Apparel Deep V-Neck Tee, $22. Burberry Prorsum Degrade V-Neck Cardigan, $1195.

Well, there you go. Like I reiterated in the beginning of this Men’s Fashion Guide In 2009 article, the best trend that works every year is to not go uberly-trendy.  Fashion Trends are good as long as you don’t go overboard with them. That my friends is the best fashion advice I can give you in order to Look Good In 2009 (or any year).

(Images :  SKB, Bauer-Griffin, Neiman Marcus, American Apparel) (Sources : Men’s Flair/Fashionising/Various Magazines/Thoughts On Designers’ Collections)