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According to Kevin from Pointless Banter, Cosmopolitan Magazine is for whores and idiots. It might surprise you guys, since I’m a Woman but errr, I agree.. LOL. I haven’t bought a copy of that magazine in years. I got sick and tired of their cover stories. “50 ways to have the best orgasm”. The following month, “101 Ways to make you squirm”. And so on and so forth. Every month it’s about reaching that freaking orgasm. Oh My Gosh, if you’re not with a Man who doesn’t know how to give you mind blowing orgasm, at this point of your life and relationship, then either break up with him or get a freaking vibrator already. So yeah, that’s why I haven’t bought that magazine in a while. Every time I see it I wanna….nevermind. This Cosmopolitan dissection reminds me of the one I did for Men’s Health 41 Ways To Melt Her Heart which happened to be written by a woman who probably hates me right about now..hehehe.

I wonder what John Mayer will say if and when he reads Kevin’s prerogative on Cosmo. He’s Cosmopolitan’s Fun Fearless Male Of The Year after all. Shoot, that doesn’t really say much about his reputation now, does it? LOL.