Some people are obsessed with anything princess related, but there are a lot of us who not-so-secretly wish we were mermaids. If you fall into the latter category, you’ve probably been a mermaid for Halloween at least five times and you probably love any beauty product that makes you feel like a mermaid. If you’re looking for something else mermaid-y (and we know you are!), you’re going to be obsessed with mermaid crowns.

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Floral crowns have been dominating the festival season for what seems like forever, but mermaid crowns may be just the thing to change that. As you can probably guess, the trend focuses on using seashells in your hair pieces instead of straight blooms.

You can find different people creating the ethereal crowns but Cosmopolitan UK picked up on Chelsea’s Flowercrowns. The Etsy shop was started by Chelsea Shiels. The Sydney-based florist creates hand-made, one-of-a-kind crowns. She does still use flowers in some of her designs, but she also incorporates seashells, along with other unique pieces like chains, gemstones and necklaces. The resulting headpieces are some of the dreamiest things we’ve ever seen.

Take a look at some of the stunning designs:

Just imagine wearing this to your fantasy beach wedding.

Not even the pretty makeup can distract us from the seashell, chain and third eye crown.

Take a look at those shells. They do look like animal print.

If you have mermaid hair, you have to have a mermaid crown.

Are you swooning yet? These crowns are enough to make Ariel herself jealous. The mermaid crowns are obviously perfect for festival season, but it seems like such a waste to save them for a few days of the year. Who’s up for making mermaid crowns a wear-every-single-day staple?

Check out Chelsea’s Flowercrowns on Instagram and Etsy to see more.