Metropolitan Museum of Art Hallway

In excellent news for fashion nerds with a Sunday morning to kill, the Metropolitan Museum of Art has put many of their out-of-print books and catalogs online as free PDFs on their website, including a trove of fashion books from the Costume Institute.

The full digital copies of the Met fashion books on Christian Dior, Gianni Versace, and Madame Grès are available and can be read online or downloaded so they can take up a chunk of your hard drive forever. But it’s probably worth giving up the space for the sumptuous, full-color gorgeousness of Dangerous Liasons: Fashion and Furniture in the 18th Century, the catalog that accompanied the 2004 Costume Institute exhibit of the same name.

There are also catalogs on haute couture, the fashion of the Belle Epoque, and nudity in fashion. Or, for the more masochistically inclined, there’s the 1991 tour of the jewelry collection in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which I’m pretty sure exists just to make me feel bad about those earrings I bought from Claire’s last week.

The Met put plenty of other art and art history books up for free public downloading as well, but it can be sort of a tough slog through the archives for those who are mainly interested in getting their hands on the fashion titles and don’t already know what’s available. But blogger Katy Werlin of The Fashion Historian dug through the collection and has already uncovered most of the available titles and sorted them by period and topic. Check out her list here.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons