On a day when Democrats are getting most of the Liberal Blogosphere’s love, I’d like to remind you that there are other options out there…sort of. While those with more radical views than “slightly left of center” are not currently represented by the two-party system, that doesn’t mean there aren’t tons of other things you can do outside of electoral politics to try to enact change. (More on that soon!) And as folks like Kathleen Hanna and Pussy Riot have shown, being a leftist doesn’t mean you have to be drab, boring, or humorless. Hence, I invite you to gaze upon some nice, new pictures of the oft-embattled M.I.A., a left-leaning artist who, despite her various shortcomings, is at least making a sincere effort to bring radical politics to a wider audience through her art and music. The accompanying profile, which focuses on M.I.A.’s politics as well as her visual art, is worth a read as well.

(Via Paper Magazine)[ITPGallery]