Michael Kors suing CostcoMichael Kors is suing Costco, and not because his bargain SodaStream stopped making water fizzy. The designer has filed a lawsuit against the big-box discounter for false advertising after an image of a Michael Kors bag turned up in a promotional email from Costco.

According to Styleite, Costco sent out an advertising email encouraging people to buy their Mother’s Day gifts at Costco. Part of the email suggested mom might like “real designer handbags starting at $99.99 delivered,” but there was a Michael Kors handbag among the ones pictured, and Kors said he’d never sold any of his designs to Costco. After the offending email was sent, it basically sounds like the designer’s people launched a ninja sting to investigate, which included sending agents to several different Costco stores to see if Michael Kors bags were actually available for sale. None were uncovered.

Since Costco used an image of a Michael Kors bag without any being for sale, Kors maintains that the email was false advertising and intended to “lure unsuspecting consumers away from bona fide Michael Kors retailers and into Costco stores.”

Kors’ lawsuit is seeking punitive damages and compensation, along with a ban on Costco using any of the designer’s products for promotion or advertising.

Costco has ruffled fashion industry feathers in the past and is already engaged in a mutual sue-off with Tiffany, with both companies filing suit against each other to determine whether “Tiffany” indicates a style of ring or one from Tiffany & Co.

Via Styleite/Photo: WENN