There is something quite literal about this MICHAEL Michael Kors Colorblock Dress. I mean I do like it and I do think it’s chic and classic but I can’t help but have this silly grin in my face.


I’m imagining the day they made this colorblock dress. “Ok, let’s put white/cream in between black then call it a colorblock dress“. Something to that effect. This is just of course from my crazy imagination. Don’t start hatin’ on my Michael Kors fans. Like I said, I do like the simplicity of the dress. I just feel there wasn’t much effort to think creatively when this dress was being sketched. IN any case, it’s on sale at Dillard’s for $77.70.

A pair of black pumps would look nice with this Michael Kors colorblock dress. If you’re feeling a little bit adventurous, a black patent skinny belt to accent the waist perhaps?

(Image: Dillard’s)