Well this must have been awkward: First Lady Michelle Obama and First Lady hopeful Ann Romney wore similar shades of hot pink at last night’s debate (for their respective husbands, it was opposite day: Barack Obama wore a red tie, Mitt Romney opted for blue).

Michelle wore a sleek dress suit and pearls–although we’re not crazy about the color, we think she looked pretty great. After all, if you’re going to wear a screaming shade of hot pink, you might want to keep everything else very simple and clean. And she did!

Ann Romney was a completely different story. She paired her pink boucle (maybe?) shift dress with a pile of clear blue gems. We imagine she was going for something akin to Cameron Diaz‘s memorable Met Gala look (the fuscia dress and turqouise jewels) but it all looked very Chico’s. Then again, maybe it’s a nod to the working man?

Oh, she also topped it off with a truly dreadful rug thing:

But, as much as we’d like to think that Michelle is wearing hot pink much better (objectively better, even) we still like ourselves a poll here at TheGloss, so please let us know:

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(Photos via Time, HuffPo)