The first transsexual style magazine has taken on the first lady for the cover of its Winter 2012 issue, enlisting former model/performer and current fashion illustrator/designer Connie Fleming to pose as Michelle Obama in a most convincing fashion.

As you can see, Fleming wears two smart, Obama-ish looking dresses on the twin covers, as well as rocking her signature haircut and megatoned arms. I know hair and makeup go a long way, but the resemblance is pretty close, no? She’s even got the same pointy eyebrows.

It appears she’s being sworn into office on one cover, which is kind of awesome to think about. Maybe Barack could take a turn as first spouse someday.

You’re nobody until you’ve had a drag queen (or in this case, a transsexual model) dress up as you, so I hope Michelle Obama is happy about this. I would be, if I were her!

The cover story on Connie isn’t available online yet, but judging from the quality of the Brad Goreski styled, Danielle Levitt shot cover, as well as the fact that Connie Fleming, a former club kid, trailblazing model, and Thierry Mugler muse, is awesome, I bet it’s top quality. Here’s to strong, beautiful women, biological or otherwise.

(Via Tarsha’s Glosy Newsstand)

Photo: Danielle Levitt