Michelle Obama's jumpsuit on the Tonight Show February 20

Now that The Late Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is all up in your nighttime television regimen, you can watch Jimmy Fallon be pretty amusing every evening. Naturally, the show is pumping on the big-name guests to keep up ratings, with last night’s episode featuring Michelle Obama and Will Ferrell.

The FLOTUS killed it as per usual in an amazing St. John black jumpsuit with a perfectly fitted belt and heels:

Michelle Obama's jumpsuit on the Tonight Show February 20th

Evening jumpsuits that are appropriate for occasions like parties, dates and, if you are ridiculously famous, television shows is probably my favorite trend of the past several years, so I was admittedly thrilled to see Michelle rock it out on the show as she spoke about topics like teaching Malia how to drive. (As a side note, the idea of the Obamas practicing parallel parking is freaking adorable.) I didn’t get an amazing shot of it above, but here it is in all its glory at approximately 14:30:

Beautiful, right? It was less enjoyable to watch Jimmy, Will and Michelle hanging out for the little “EW!” bit:

Am I the only one who does not find this remotely funny? Like, not even a little bit? It is not particularly offensive or demeaning or rude; it’s just uncomfortable and not all that hilarious. For those of you who hate watching videos, the sketch consists of Jimmy doing the voice of a stereotypical middle school girl with a serious case of strep and Will doing–oh, I do not know, being his boringly absurd (and absurdly boring) Will Ferrell sekf. They just call everything “ew” as an adjective, which would be funny if I had never seen anything remotely funny in my entire life prior to this moment. The only vaguely funny moment was when Michelle says, “Exercise is not ‘ew'” while trying to convince the “girls” to work out, so…good job, FLOTUS! Meh, I’m sure it was much more laughable in real life.

On the bright side, Michelle has reminded us once again that jumpsuits are the best thing, so at least we have that going for last night.