Karl Lagerfeld Chanel haute couture

Karl Lagerfeld: against Michelle Obama’s bangs, for mesh gloves and tweed pants.

It’s been a while since anyone was pissed at Karl Lagerfeld, so the Chanel/Fendi/Karl Lagerfeld/all things designer had to go and say something nasty. This time his target is First Lady Michelle Obama, whose new bangs don’t get the all-important Karl Lagerfeld seal of approval. So it goes:

In an interview for France’s Canal Plus, the Chanel creative director told host Yann Barthes, “I don’t understand the change of hair … Frankly, the fringe was a bad idea. It’s not good.” Karl went on to say that Michelle now looks like “une speakerine de LCI.” Translation: She looks like a news anchor. Méchant, Karl.

Sidenote: Didn’t Lagerfeld ever learn not to say nasty shit about his fellow famous people? Was he raised by wolves? Robot wolves?

Luckily, Lagerfeld did insist–twice, according to the Daily Mail–that he loves ‘Madame Obama,’ so that will keep the world from hyperventilating over this extremely relevant person’s opinion.

Lagerfeld then immediately scuttled back into his Lazarus chamber to watch his sentient cat eat foie gras while several maids silently starched his collars and powdered his ponytail.

(via HuffPo, photo of Lagerfeld via Wenn)