michelle obama in reed krakoffAlthough he’ll do it again today in front of hundreds of thousands of on-lookers and supporters in Washington D.C., President Barack Obama was officially sworn-in yesterday for his second term. In the Blue Room of the White House, the 57th President and his family participated in the intimate inaugural ceremony.

As much as I’m ecstatic to have Barack in for another four years, I have to say, once again, Michelle Obama killed it in her dress choice. Rocking American designer, Reed Krakoff, Michelle looked gorgeous in the royal blue dress and cardigan. It was quite a fitting ensemble considering the color of the room, and Obama’s matching tie. Go blue!

Being just as stylish as mom, both Malia and Sasha looked adorable, too. Malia followed her parents’ lead with the blue theme, and Sasha, who I personally think is going to be trouble someday — in a good way! — did her own thing with her pink dress. See? Future maverick in the making right there; Sarah Palin would be so proud.

This isn’t the first time Michelle has been spotted in Reed Krakoff, who is president and executive creative director of Coach. She’s also worn another gown of his, a cardigan and has been seen carrying one of his tote bags. Not that politics should be about style as there are far more important issues at hand, but I think between her new bangs and her consistency to up-stage everyone in the room, Michelle Obama is the most fashionable First Lady the White House has seen since Jackie Kennedy. Like Jackie, Michelle is on her way to fashion icon status.

Photo: Getty