I know that I should be focusing on the more serious aspects of Michelle Obama’s trip to South Africa; I’m well aware that there are pressing political concerns with which my mind could be more productively occupied.

But you know what? Someone has to say this, and that someone is going to be me. Michelle Obama rocked the shit out of the vest pictured above, and goddamn if that isn’t hard to do.

Vests, you see, aren’t for the faint of heart. In order to truly be pulled off, they require a perfect fit, a correct pant, and of course, the challenge of finding an underneath shirt (that’s the technical fashion term) that offsets the vest without upstaging it, allowing the vest to be the star of the show while still giving it a solid and supportive backdrop. The first lady demonstrates flair and style with this bold fashion choice, as well as her usual mix of acumen, humor, intelligence, wit, and even an unexpected but brilliantly done time-period suggestion. Here, of course, she’s referred winkingly back to the 1970’s.

Well played, Michelle. Well played.